Apple technology supports powerful ways to create deeper, more meaningful learning experiences. This year’s Symposium is dedicated to a deep dive into Apple’s Elements of Learning iBook.  Each chapter provides tips and tools to help you integrate and innovate with these elements.

Design lessons that resonate. Think about the learning elements the same way you might think about treble, ​bass, and volume in music—more isn’t necessarily better. Rather than trying to maximize all elements in a given lesson, focus on the ones that provide your students with the best opportunities ​to understand the topic.

Adjust for age. Age-appropriate expectations should be taken into account when applying them to lessons for students. Ideas within the rubrics, such as working independently, expressing ideas, and making choices, may look quite different depending on the maturity and abilities of the students.

Support with teaching strategies. The elements of learning can be used with any pedagogy. Typically they align best with a student-centered approach. ​Challenge-based learning, for example, often incorporates very ​effective opportunities for critical thinking and real-world engagement. Challenge-based learning, along with other pedagogical approaches, can be a natural way to embed the elements of learning.

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